Envirodyne Laboratories, Inc.

Envirodyne Laboratories: Delivering Quality and Compliance for Water and Wastewater

Our mission is to uphold the highest standard to protect public health and the environment through accurate water testing. Since our establishment in 1990, we have dedicated ourselves to delivering unparalleled accuracy in assessing water integrity. Our NELAP-accredited laboratory ensures that we maintain exceptional standards, guaranteeing precision and compliance in every analysis we conduct. At Envirodyne Laboratories, water testing is not just a service we provide, it’s our passion. Our primary goal is setting the bar high for water quality testing services, with a strong focus on quality assurance and control. We adhere to NELAC standards in all our QA/QC processes, striving for excellence in both service and performance.

Laura Bonjonia

President of Envirodyne Laboratories, Inc.

Laura Bonjonia has been an environmental professional since 1996 with a focus on the water and wastewater industry. She currently serves as the President of Envirodyne Laboratories, Inc., where she oversees the analytical laboratory, which has been in operation since 1990. Laura also serves at the Laboratory Technical Director and is responsible for the development and direction of instrumentation and analysis.

  • TCEQ licensed water and wastewater operator.
  • TWUA Sam Houston Water Utilities Association board.
  • Served as the TWUA Laboratory Analysis’ Section President.
  • Bachelor of Science degree in Zoology from Texas A&M University.

Lacole Barnes

Quality Assurance Manager

Amanda Heiman

Customer Service Manager

Javier Garcia

Field Service Manager

LaCole Barnes

Lacole Barnes is the Quality Assurance Manager at Envirodyne. Lacole has been serving the environmental field for over 15 years. Her previous roles included Quality Control Officer and Microbiology Lab Manager at Envirodyne. She received her education at Houston Community College with continued training through TNI and TCEQ training programs. Lacole’s focus is on all aspects of the laboratory’s quality management program, including developing, implementing, and maintaining a system of quality and reliability testing.

Amanda Heiman

Amanda Heiman worked at LK Industries for 2 years as an Account Manager and served as a Lab Quality Manager. She currently oversees our customer service representative team at Envirodyne Laboratories to ensure efficient service and quality management, thus ensuring our customers have the highest level of service.

Javier Garcia

Javier Garcia is a Field Service Manager at Envirodyne Laboratories, Inc., responsible for managing field service visits, directing service personnel, and working with customers to optimize the company’s service and field sampling business lines. He holds a TCEQ D Water Operator License and has expertise in ensuring compliance with company policies and regulatory requirements. Additionally, Javier has a distinguished military background, having served as a First Sergeant in the U.S. Army Aviation for 20 years, earning numerous awards including the Bronze Star Medal.