About Us

Tanny is an Environmental Chemist, a Registered Environmental Manager (REM) and a Certified Double (A/A) - Water/Wastewater Treatment Operator in the State of Texas. With over 38 years of experience in the Environmental Industry.


  1. Chemical Interpretation of Lab Data
  2. Laboratory Management
  3. Analytical Data for the Environmental Professional
  4. Process Control for the Operator
  5. Sample Collection Techniques
  6. Mico Exams for the Wastewater Eco System
  7. Where Did That Chemical Come From?
  8. Management Courses, (e.g. Sustainability)
  9. How to Develop – Sludge Wasting Programs


  1. Texas Water Utilities Association ~ (Past President)
  2. Texas Commission of Environmental Quality ~ (Former Certification Advisory Committee Member)
  3. Texas A&M University Engineering Ext. ~ (Former Advisory Committee Member)
  4. Laboratory Analysis Section (LAS) ~ (Past President & QC Chair)
  5. Texas Water Research Foundation (TWRF) ~ (Committee Member)


  1. Conventional Activated Sludge
  2. Contact Stabilization
  3. Trickling Filter
  4. Lagoons
  5. Extended Aeration
  6. Pure Oxygen
  7. Oxidation Ditch
  8. Pre-treatment
  9. Anoxic Treatment
  10. Collection System Operations & Repairs
  11. Surface Water Treatment Plants
  12. Distribution System Operations & Repairs
  13. Ground Water Plants


  1. Certified Wastewater Treatment Operator (Class “C”)
  2. Institute of National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation (INELA)
  3. Texas Water Utilities Association (TWUA)
  4. Laboratory Analyst Section (LAS) - Past Chairman
  5. Water Environment Federation (WEF)
  6. American Water Works Association (AWWA)

Laura has been in the environmental industry since 1996. Her expertise consists of statistical data review, microbiology and biochemistry. She is experienced with regulatory protocols.


  • Instrumentation Development
  • Process Control Trouble-Shooting
  • Analyst Training
  • Data Interpretation
  • Wastewater Operations Consulting
  • Pretreatment Monitoring
  • Field Compliance Protocols
  • Certified LIMS Administrator
  • Information Technology Systems
  • Microscopic Exam Consultant


  • Certified Wastewater Treatment Operator (Class “C”)
  • Institute of National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation (INELA)
  • Texas Water Utilities Association (TWUA)
  • Laboratory Analyst Section (LAS) - Past Chairman
  • Water Environment Federation (WEF)
  • American Water Works Association (AWWA)