Hurricanes Harvey – TCEQ Region’s 12 ~ “Operational Status Codes”

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Click on Downloads to Access  TCEQ Region’s 12 –

Status Codes”

The listed “Operational Status Codes” are questions TCEQ may be asking regarding impacts from Hurricanes such as “Harvey” to the Wastewater Treatment Plants, Drinking Water Plants and/or Collections Systems you own or operate. You are not required to fill this out but it will reduce the number of times TCEQ contact you to gather information, when you are trying to get your plants back on line. There are questions on the blank wastewater and public water supply evaluation form that you can answer and send to us after the storm event. You can complete one every time the status of your plant changes. Please email the forms to or fax to 713/767-3691. The other attachments are supplemental information to help in answering the questions.

As always if you have any questions or need anything feel free to call. If the office is closed due to the storm events, the phone duty lines (713/767-3676, 3686, 3683, and 3650) will be handled by the TCEQ Dallas office. However, the management team will be checking in often and we will get back with you as soon as possible. We will be checking emails, also.

Kim Laird

TCEQ Houston – Region 12

Water Section Program Coordinator



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